Programme and project management

We perform Innovation Ecosystem Architecture for international partnerships, in which each Ecosystem design is specifically tailored to the objectives of the programme.


Programmes can be fundamental, preclinical translational, technology convergent, portfolio redesign or clinical in focus, involving multiple stakeholders. Each ecosystem necessitates programme specific organisational structuring which we complement with:


  • Cloud based IT architecture to enable international multi-partner project coordination, project management and data control.


  • Tailored PMO’s that facilitate convergent technology and multicultural international team integration through


  • National and culture specific regulation contractual and fiscal governance to ensure quality


  • Elevated project management structures to enable higher impact and higher value portfolio design 


  • Global market defined rNPV assessments of the portfolio to define which innovation should be developed, with whom and for what market 


  • Targeted stakeholder liaison and public relations/publicity


  • Funding opportunity scanning to enable sustainability, generation of new spin-off projects, and also start-ups

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