Company Valuation, Growth and Development

Portfolio/pipeline valuation


  • Value each innovation in the portfolio for each different regulatory market, and reimbursement approach within that market

  • Position and prioritise portfolio components as a function of each market relevance

  • Identify additional innovations that can bolster the value of the portfolio

Strategy design

  • Reverse engineer existing innovations from market reimbursement to present state, and then forward engineer innovation development for maximal market potential

  • Map and design international strategic plans and alliances with key stakeholders to enable redefinition of the market as a function of your innovation

  • Source, prepare and negotiate strategic funding opportunities 


Strategy implementation

  • Roll out strategic alliances globally, including detailed implementation plan definition

  • Optimise dynamic capabilities and associated market opportunities

  • Recombine and reconfigure capabilities and organisational processes to increase opportunities and sustainability

  • Advance & role out new products, processes & services to seize the opportunity

  • Provide market release support through partnering with population health and HTA specialists

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