Echino Limited specialises in the conception, design and implementation of international programmes, projects and strategies in the life science and healthcare sectors (intervention, diagnostic, medtech, health tech, digital).


We focus exclusively internationally; intra-continentally, inter-continentally and globally.


We work with:


  • Charities and foundations implementing international R&D programmes that provide solutions for patient focused health benefits

  • Public entities in need of specialised international programme or project management and governance

  • Entities and individuals aiming to optimise their international partnering and growth

  • Companies looking to outsource their international growth and development


Our approach hinges on performing a total healthcare marketplace assessment (including who pays, how and why) and positioning of the clients present status and their desired outcomes and then designing Innovation Ecosystems that enable the objective to be obtained.



Echino partners with:

           Athena Market Access Solutions 

                           (for HTA)

                     Genechon S.r.l. 

           (for diagnostic development)

                        Aestimo ltd

(for fully integrated product lifecycle design)


(for the LATAM market, collaboration, cultural        sensitivity, soft skills, communication and                                        marketing)


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